I took my first yoga class in 1993 to get in better shape, but I got so much more...

Yoga has given me the tools to calm my mind when I find myself overwhelmed. In the past I've battled depression and the combination of practicing yoga and playing music have helped me see the light. 


In my classes I create a safe environment for students to move their body and to open their minds. I like to remind my students that there are times we can feel at peace, quiet in our thoughts, and stillness in our minds. There are also tools we can learn in order to help us heal. When things seem impossible, we can take control of the situation with our breath. 

I teach Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative yoga. Most recently I've been certified as a Danielle Collins Face Yoga Super Trainer, teaching a holistic approach to caring for the face. It incorporates facial exercises, acupressure, relaxation as well as massage techniques to rejuvenate the face, tone the skin, and smooth wrinkles. The Danielle Collins Face Yoga method stimulates the production of collagen (plumps the skin) and elastin (firms the skin). Just as we exercise our bodies so they are healthier and more toned, the face can benefit as well. The muscles on our faces are much smaller than on our bodies, so results are quicker!


Check out my sample videos for a demo!

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"I get so excited every time Gigi comes back to host her workshops!"

- Shannon Higgins

"I love Face Yoga. It just feels so good!"

- Leora Michelle Fearson


Private Classes (Clients Home)

    ---- 60mins: $100.00 US

          every additional 30mins: $50.00 US

Small Group Classes (4-10 students)

    ---- 60mins: $30.00/person US

          every additional 30mins: $50.00 US

Face Yoga Workshops 

    ---- 2hrs: $200.00 US

          every additional 30mins: $50.00 US

*** Private Class fees props, blocks, straps, bolsters and travel (within Venice, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Westchester California)

*** If location is outside of my range, please contact me directly for supplemental travel fee.

*** To book a specific date, please contact me directly for availability. 

"Gigi is gentle, patient and encouraging! She creates space for people to ask questions and make requests. I feel empowered to love up my face and body without investing a fortune in creams!  Thank you, Gigi."

- Ursala Garbrecht

"Meeting Gigi was one of the highlights of my stay at Kalani Honua. A friend told me about her Face Yoga workshop and it was revolutionary. I learned how to tone my skin while relieving years of jaw stress! So grateful!"

- Justine Ma